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Physique & exercise correction

Hey, I’m Hans the founder of Natural Supremacy and I’m a physique, technique and movement specialist with weight training.

I have a unique ability to quickly identify which muscles are lagging in someone’s physique, why someone’s form is wrong, where their weak spots are and why they’re not getting results with what they’re doing.

I can then immediately give advise on how the exercise can be modified or with what exercise to replace it and give instructions on how to improve your form and technique. I can also make tweaks to your current training program so that you can focus on bringing out your weak points and/or lagging muscles.

Don’t you just hate it when you have a lagging muscle or a lift that just isn’t improving no matter what you do? Don’t continue with the struggle; contact me to help you surpass those weak points and progress to the next level so that you can reach your great potential.


Here’s how it works:

You contact me with the specifics of what you want me to help you with.
For example, a lagging upper chest, a stalled bench press, hurting knees or elbows, etc.

Physique related:
If it’s physique related, I will need to see photos of you without a shirt from the front, side and back. Flexing will help. If your training program and diet is on point and you’re still not getting results, you will have to send me videos of how you do the exercises for that muscle so that I can analyse your form to give you advise on how to change it to get results again. If your form is perfect, we’ll have to change your program for that muscle group.

Strength related:
If it’s strength related I will need to have a look at your program and if I feel it’s necessary, I will need a video of you doing the lift so I can analyze your form to identify weak spots that you can improve on.

Injury and/or joint longevity related:
If it’s injury or injury prevention and/or joint longevity related, I will have to take a look at your program and then modify it with the necessary exercises and give you specific instruction on how to do each exercise. If necessary we might have to change your program completely as well.

My service will be available to you for an entire month or on a monthly basis, depending on how long you need/want my help.

Just fill out this form below with your name, email address and request and we can get started for only $150 p/month.

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