Hi there, I’m Hans and I’m the founder and author of Natural Supremacy…
I enjoy long walks on the beach with my wife, candlelight dinners and brutal workouts. 😀

I have a simple question for you…

Have you ever done a training program (bulking or ripping) and been completely disappointed with the results, or just lost total interest half way through?

Do you know why?

Sure, it might have been that it just wasn’t the “right” training program for your goals. Because well, not all training programs will work the same for you as they did for the person selling them.

A more likely reason though is that some training programs are just bogus.

Some programs can definitely help give you a short term boost and maybe teach you a thing or two about your current bodily needs.

But the truth of the matter is… no training program will be able to give you long term results.

See I’ve been training since I was 17 years old and have done all different kinds of training programs and have done a lot of experimenting myself. But I’ve also spent a lot of time doing research on training, bodybuilding and the fitness industry in particular.

And one of the biggest problems that I’ve found in the fitness/bodybuilding space can be aptly quoted fake science as they are based and promoted by using fraudulent studies. See the reality is, many of the training methods used in training programs they actually have little to no scientifically proven benefits and in some cases have actually been proven to not work at all.

For example,  programs that claim to boost testosterone levels contain training methods that have been scientifically proven to do absolutely nothing.

The Fitness and Bodybuilding Industry’s Big Scam

Another big problem in the space is overselling and false advertising. This is basically when the person selling the program/product uses fake before and after photos to show how well their program/product worked for other people. Sure this doesn’t mean that everyone does this, but a large part of the fitness/bodybuilding industry does it without even feeling guilty about it.


Because the lie is what keeps people buying into it, hoping that they’ll also get the same results as others did. It also works on people’s subconscious to not ask for a refund even if they don’t get any results after the first 30 days, because the false advertising plays on their minds, causing them to think that it must’ve been something they did or didn’t do right because so many many others have gotten results so it can’t be the seller’s faults.


Ever wondered why the seller is always the one who got the very best results from the program he is selling?

Is it just because he has more training years behind his name?

Not always the case. In fact, in most cases the seller might not be abusing steroids like the heavy weight bodybuilders do, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t using small cycles. Which is called blast and cruise. This is when the guy usually uses steroids until he’s big and lean enough for that photo shoot he needs to go for, and then he stops the cycle before people get too suspicious about his gains.

This is also why you’ll notice that these well-known fitness guys look very big and lean for a while and then all of a sudden it’ll look like they’ve lost gains.


They might even give ridiculous excuses like they’ve been slacking too much on their diet or had an injury or something like that. When actually they’ve just gotten off of or lowered the dose of hormones.

And yes, these guys can even look into the eye of a camera and lie about being totally natty without having their subconscious bother them about it.

And Why?

Because they don’t see it as abusing steroids like the big guys do, and they know they can’t have the body that they have and be the example and inspiration to the masses without using it. But they also can’t tell you they’re using it because that would just totally defy the purpose of the game. And then anyone could look like them and even bigger and better if they could use it as well.

My Solution

Fortunately though, not all training methods are junk, but in order to know what works best and what doesn’t you really need to know your own body. And what I mean by “know your own body” is that everyone is different, meaning everyone’s body reacts different to stimulus.

Everyone’s metabolism is different, everyone’s nutrient deficiencies differ, everyone’s hormonal levels differ and so on and so forth. And all these different factors play a very important role in building and shaping your body.

This is why I have invested most of my time for the past year to gather the information that I have collected over the last few years of my training and health experience and research to create a training and diet manual. But not just any manual… this is a 50 page training and diet manual which contains condensed information, with a bonus training program that is created to provide you with all the latest and proven information which works. I will also enable you to get in tune with your body in order to build and maintain the physique that you’ve always wanted.

This is the type of program manual that I wish someone could have given me a few years back because it would’ve saved me a lot of wasted time and effort trying other programs which only taught me what not to do.

This special product package consists of two parts. The first and most important part is an eBook manual which goes into depth on the diet and training.  The second part of this product is a training program which goes hand-in-hand with the eBook manual and will empower you to build and chisel your dream physique at the same time. This special product package contains all the important info that you will need to educate yourself on your journey to reach and maintain your physique goal/s.

I have recently finished my Shredding Program and am currently busy with my Lean Bulking Program.

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