Utilizing androgen receptors

Having high testosterone benefits to more than just a deep voice and some extra chest hair.

Ever wonder why guys using steroids have those ‘boulder shoulders’, those ‘pumpkin delts’ and natural guys struggle so much with it?

Well that’s because the delts, traps and chest muscles have a higher androgen receptor density than other muscles.

Meaning more testosterone is able to bind to those receptors, making them grow more rapid and bigger.

The problem that most natural guys have though, is low testosterone.

But lets just say you have your diet and lifestyle in check, and you have high testosterone…

The higher your testosterone, the more androgen receptors you will have as a result.


High reps, short rest, many sets.

Higher reps (+-10 reps), multiple sets (3-4 sets), short rest (30 – 90 sec) between sets have been proven to be superior for optimal growth hormone and testosterone secretion.

Bilateral exercises also result in an even greater growth hormone response.

So take a good compound exercise for shoulders…

Military press

Do it for:

  • 4 sets x 10 reps
  • 60 sec rest
  • 70% of your 1RM

This will result in an acute increase in growth hormone and testosterone.

It is also is a great way to stimulate your shoulders with a new kind of intensity.

Remember, don’t do this for every workout, because your body will adapt and the testosterone and growth hormone response will become blunted over time.



Increase androgen receptor density

Number 1:

Eat acetyl-L-carnitine rich foods. The best source is red meat.

As shown in these two studies, acetyl-L-carnitine increases androgen receptor density and sensitivity.

Number 2:

Lift some heavy weights (kinda obvious)

Number 3:

Detox the body. Toxic waste in your body clogs your androgen receptors. And estrogen and testosterone battle for the same receptors.

Number 4:

Increase your testosterone levels. Just by having more testosterone, will increase your androgen receptors. (study)

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