9 Best ways to increase testosterone production

Boosting your testosterone doesn’t just start with eating a bunch of healthy foods. It should consist of at least 1 type of food from each of these topics mentioned below. By doing so, you have your testosterone boosting plan covered from each and every corner possible.

Lower estrogen via estrogen excretion

Your body flushes out estrogen via the liver. Foods which help the liver in doing so are cruciferous vegetables which are rich in glucosinolate glucobrassicin – which is metabolized to indole-3-carbinol (IC3).

These compounds flush estrogen out of the body.

Cruciferous vegetables include foods such as:

  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • kale
  • brussel sprouts
  • cauliflower

Block aromatase activity

White button mushrooms have the strongest effect in blocking the aromatase activity, although it has been shown to reduce 5-alpha reductase activity (meaning less DHT). But personally I don’t eat mushrooms everyday, rather just every now and again, as I like the taste of it.

Other foods that I personally consume everyday which block the aromatase activity are:

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • oysters (high zinc content)
  • parsley (high apigenin content)
  • onions (quercetin)
  • garlic (quercetin)
  • hops (more reason to drink a nice craft beer once in a while)
  • oats (steroidal saponins)

Increase conversion from cholesterol to testosterone

Testosterone is made from cholesterol. A couple of oils have been shown to ‘oil up’ this process and make it run more smoothly, and they are:

Lower SHBG

After your testes have produced testosterone, it then flows into the blood stream. Instantly, proteins bind to it and make it unavailable for androgen receptors. One of these protein that we want to lower is the sex hormone binding globulin. The less SHBG, the more free testosterone we have pumping through our veins.

Best way to get this done is by eating foods high in fructose and glucose. So it’s very beneficial to eat fruit and other healthy carbs which do not contain gluten, and are not instant or man-made.

If you want to get more specific, eat foods rich in magnesium (spinach, oats), zinc (oysters, meats) and fish oils (sardines, salmon) as they also lower SHBG. (1, 2, 3) More on lowering SHBG here

Increase cAMP

cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) is a secondary messenger between cells and hormones, which also signals the body to increase testosterone production.

Two great cAMP stimulators are:

Increase cGMP

Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) is a cell signaling molecule much like cAMP which also acts as a secondary messenger between cells and hormones.

Foods that boost nitric oxide will stimulate the formation of cGMP.

Foods that increase nitric oxide are:

  • Watermelon (L-Citrulline)
  • Spinach (highest nitrate content)
  • Beets (high in nitrates)
  • Garlic (potent activator of nitric oxide synthase)
  • Peanut butter
  • liver (enzyme Q10)
  • kale (enzyme Q10)
  • pomegranate juice


Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein is a transport protein that increases the transportation of cholesterol, to the Leydig cells, in the testes for testosterone production.

So more StAR activity –> more cholesterol to testes –> more testosterone formation.

The best way to up regulate StAR is by eating:

  • Dried parsley (highest apigenin content)

Lower cortisol

Cortisol lowers testosterone synthesis and increases the aromatase. (4) One of the best ways to lower cortisol, is to eat healthy carbohydrates. (5) More on lowering cortisol here

Healthy gut flora

A healthy gut is one of the most important things to have. Your gut takes care of digestion, absorption, hormonal signalling, excretion of toxins and much, much more. It’s like the headquarters of everything going on.

The bugs that live inside your gut, which make sure everything works correctly, are called gut flora. And to keep your gut in top condition you need to consume healthy gut flora.

The best foods to consume for healthy gut bugs are fermented foods, such as:

  • organic yogurt
  • blue cheese
  • kimchi
  • apple cider vinegar

…and many other fermented foods that I personally don’t eat.


High testosterone, low estrogen & high DHT is all about eating a healthy well balanced diet from only natural organic, free range foods while ensuring you get all your much needed minerals and vitamins form your foods.

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