Catecholamines and Testosterone

What exactly are Catecholamines?…

Catecholamines are a group of hormones which do various things in one’s body. Two of these hormones are called epinephrine and norepinephrine.

These catecholamines stimulates β-adrenergic receptors for superior hypertrophy, increase your blood flow, increase heart rate, help burn fat and improve your focus, just to name a few…

Catecholamines (adrenaline and nor-adrenaline) increase testosterone in the following ways:


As you can see, catecholamines are quite important for testosterone.

So how do you increase their secretion?


Acute Stress

Acute stress (something like winning a competition), increases your testosterone.  Acute stress is not chronic stress, you should get rid of permanent stress as it increases cortisol and lowers testosterone.


Don’t go too crazy on the salt

low sodium diet increases catecholamine secretion. So eating a lot of salt inhibits catecholamine secretion.

Personally I don’t think food tastes nearly as good without salt, but in this case, I just listen to my body. If I feel I need a bit more salt on my food, I add some.


Make sure to eat enough copper rich foods

A copper deficiency shows to lower norepinephrine levels, as copper is needed for the synthesis of noradrenaline. Luckily most foods have a decent amount of copper. Just by eating liver would be the easiest way to get a good amount of copper in.


Try fasting

Short term fasting (12hrs/3days) shows to increase catecholamine levels.

Fasting also makes androgen receptors more sensitive to androgen hormones.


Eat hot foods

Capsaicin is the thing in certain foods that makes it hot. There are tons of benefits to capsaicin, such as it increases thermogenesis, which makes you burn fat as well as increases catecholamine secretion. So adding some cayenne pepper to your food is a really good idea.


Drink coffee

Coffee boosts testosterone production in all kinds of ways, as well as enhances your performance in the gym and boosts your growth hormone. The caffeine in coffee also increases your thermogenesis and it enhances catecholamine secretion.


Lift weights

Lifting weights is a must do. If you gym or not, you should. It’s probably the healthiest thing to do out there.

But for the sake of this article, one of it’s great benefits is that it increases catecholamines. However, exercising doesn’t just boost testosterone through catecholamine release.


Fasted weight training

The craziest way to boost catecholamines is to do fasted exercise. Adrenaline and noradrenaline is significantly greater elevated after a fasted workout than a fed workout.

That’s one of the reasons why fasted weight training can give superior hypertrophy. Read more about that here.


Spice up your food

Spices not only make food taste real good, it also adds lots of benefits to it.

Ginger boosts testosterone production. It’s a powerful antioxidant and it also increases catecholamine secretion.

Black pepper also increases catecholamine secretion. The piperine in black pepper also prolongs the duration certain chemicals are in the body. So if it’s good chemicals, like ginger, then it’s a good thing.

If it’s bad chemicals, like toxins, its not so good.



There you have it, another way to boost testosterone and burn fat both at the same time.

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