Vitamin E: boosts androgens, lowers estrogen and prolactin and supports muscle growth

You can read it here:

14 thoughts on “Vitamin E: boosts androgens, lowers estrogen and prolactin and supports muscle growth

  1. Great article, thank you.

    I’d look for Vitamin E products to suggest with less Alpha Tocopherol. Alpha depletes Gamma and Beta tocopherol where most of the estrogen and steroidogenesis benefits are seen. At the moment Jarrow Gamma E seems to be the best option. However, I don’t know how much Beta Tocopherol it contains.


    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, Greg.
      Palm oil seems to have a fair amount of beta-tocopherol compared to other oils. Soy bean oil has the highest gamma content. Health natura has a very pure soy bean oil product. You can check it out via this link:
      Alpha-tocopherol is hormonally active and most effectively lowers prolactin and estrogen while boosting steroidogenesis. The other tocopherols don’t seem to have that benefit. Alpha-tocopherol only depletes the gamma tocopherol if high amounts of it is taken in isolation. For that reason I would use wheat germ extract, which contains the natural balance of tocopherols and are high in alpha tocopherol, which would have the most beneficial effect on your hormones and physique, as well as provide enough gamma-tocopherol to quench free radicals and lipid peroxides and prevent oxidative stress and inflammation.


      1. Thanks great reply. I think I made have got my information about prolactin, estrogen, and steroidogenisis from a bunk source. Which is a goal of mine, so thanks for correcting that. I also am interested in Gamma for its nitric oxide radical quenching purposes. I’m focusing more on E after having my gallbladder removed and suspect my fat absorption is lousy. But, I don’t seem to feel well on oxbile or digestive enzymes…the health obsession continues!


      2. Lysine and methylene blue reduce excess nitric oxide and will also help reduce the toxic effect of NO.
        Eating a low PUFA diet will help to keep lipid peroxides and oxidative stress low in the first place. Hope this helps you a bit more.


  2. I read about hight dosage of vitamin e (400iu-1000iu) can increase death rate by 22%. I want to lower prolactin levels, is 1000iu really high? If I will use 1000iu, how will I take vitamin e to lower prolactin while minimizing the increase of death rate?


    1. 400IU is effective at lowering prolactin and 800IU is most effective against estrogen. I don’t think you have to go higher than that. What studies show that vit E increases death rate? Of all things, it should improve health, reduce risk of death and extend lifespan.


  3. Is it possible that Vitamin E can kill my libido? i´m thinking that due to increased Progesterone relative to Androgens. Thanks


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