60 Best ways to lower Serotonin

You can read this article here: https://menelite.home.blog/2018/03/17/serotonin-60-ways-to-lower-it/

If you’re in a hurry, get my list of the top 6 supplements to lower serotonin here.

15 thoughts on “60 Best ways to lower Serotonin

  1. Thank you so much for this post, 100% scienced based, there’s definitely some hard work behind it. I suffer from high serotonin since my childhood, maybe a genetic deficiency of SERT or whatever… I only recently found the link between all my symptoms. I can check almost anything you state, psychological and even Asthma or IBS-D.. Till I disccover what’s behind all of that, this post will probably change my life 🙂


  2. Great information, recently
    Being treated for hypothyroidism, Hashimotos, Had many situations where my autonomic nervous system was out of wack. Eg. Very high B P, tachycardia, anxiety like panic attacks. Even taking melatonin for sleep raised my seratonin. Felt I experienced “seratonin syndrome”. I was able to ride it out at home but it was an awful experience. Saved myself with ginger ( i put it in a capsule after dumping out cold medication). Now I am on proper dose of thyroid & doing better, would never take an SSRI under any circumstances.


  3. I saw your post on lysine and arginine stack. Do I really need to stack lysine with arginine to lower serotonin and boost muscle growth?


  4. Hi, I’m using Ginseng mainly for Anxiety but i have a history of low carb dieting leading to high Serotonin. Is it true that ginseng has effects similar to neurosteroids and can help in recovery from PTSD?


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