The FREE BONUS 2-week Preparatory Level of The Complete Strength, Size and Skill Program


This 2-week preparatory program will prepare you for the first level/month of the Triple S (strength, size and skill) Program. It contains a combination of bodybuilding, powerlifting and callisthenic exercises that will empower you to stand out and be unique in the fitness world.

This 2-week preparatory program will also help you to get a feel for the actual 3-month program. Even though the actual program will be much more specialized and advanced, this preparatory program will help get you “warmed-up” for the real deal.

Anyone can do this 2-week program.
For the beginner, this program will prepare the muscles for the movement patterns, and the load of the exercises that are to follow, without inducing muscle soreness.

For the more advanced trainee, this program will serve as a deloading phase before hitting the main program so that the muscles are optimally recovered and ready to tackle the main program.

Download your FREE preparatory program NOW


Download the PDF to save it on your device. I recommend getting the program on your mobile so that you can have the program with you at all times, including at the gym.

Please note that you will need to “quit” any other workouts or training program while doing the preparatory program as well as the actual program. Any other workouts combined with this training will interfere with your recovery, progress and gains.



(only until the 19th of May)

You can buy the 1st-stage (1st month of the 3-month program) now (pre-order) and get 20% off and only pay $40 instead of $50. Get a head start today!


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