Phase 1 of The Complete Strength, Size and Skill Program

The first phase of the Complete Strength, Size and Skill Program is now available!
The purpose of this program is to prepare the body with a combination of powerlifting, bodybuilding and calisthenic movements that will result in amazing hypertrophy and strength all over in no time. My strength, hypertrophy and skill skyrocketed on this program while I maintained my leanness and got even leaner.

Lift some heavy weights and do some sweet looking moves while looking awesome, what more could you want? 🙂 A complete all-round program to make you a warrior, intergalactic champion, superhero and gladiator… whichever one floats your goat. 😉


Here are the goals for the first phase of this program

Weight lifting goals:

  • Squat – 80-100kg (1½-2 plates per side)
  • Bench – 60kg+ (1 plates per side)
  • Deadlift – 100kg (2 plates per side)
  • Strengthen all weak muscles and connective tissue


Calisthenic goals:

  • Freestanding Handstand (for a minimum of 10 sec)
  • Front lever with tuck or advanced tuck (hold this position for 15 seconds)
  • Tuck planche
  • Muscle up
  • L-sit (perform the L-sit for 15 sec)
  • One arm pushups (be able to do 1 or more one arm push-ups with perfect form)
  • Pistol squats (be able to do 1 pistol squat with perfect form)


Flexibility goals:

  • Have no overly tight muscles in your body restrict your normal movement
  • Touch toes comfortably
  • Perform L-sit


Phase 1 comes with:

  • A complete program with progressive overload period and a deload period to induce superior gains
  • Nutrition – calories, macros, micros, etc.
  • Supplement recommendations – pre-workout, post-workout, recovery, etc.
  • Exercise and technique descriptions – for the front lever, handstand, muscle-up, planche, squat, bench, deadlift, etc.
  • Exercise progressions

The really cool thing about this program is that it has proper set goals which are the true motivation to succeed. There are a lot of things that I wanted to achieve but probably wouldn’t have because I never truly set proper goals to get it done. Since I set the proper goals I could design and do the perfect program to reach those goals in record time.


NS Buy Now buttonfor $50
and get the 2nd and 3rd phase programs for only $30 each (are still to be released)


BONUS: You also get my free email support for the first month where you can ask me anything regarding your diet and training.


What people say about the program:

“Really I appreciated the program, it allows a nice training volume without pushing too hard, it is rather easy for me to recover It is varied enough to avoid fatigue and is based on solid and effective exercises to progress with optimal effect.” – Adrien Lacroix

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