43 Ways to Lower Cortisol that work (2019 update)

You can read this article here: https://menelite.home.blog/2019/06/09/43-ways-to-lower-cortisol-that-work/

27 thoughts on “43 Ways to Lower Cortisol that work (2019 update)

  1. 31) ENDOTOXINS ???????????? this raises serotonin and is bad but is in the list to lower cortisol ? is this a copy paste website ???


    1. Did you even read that section before commenting? It says that endotoxins increase serotonin and serotonin in turn increases cortisol. Thus, it’s essential to LOWER endotoxins to keep cortisol low.


  2. hi hans really enjoy your site, im 57 male lab test done recently total testosterone is 266 vit d levels good ive been taking test boosters that don’t seem to raise my levels where I feel good I have a prescription for test cream that I have used in the past but I read that the cream will shut down the testes from producing also im kinda depressed feeling with not a lot of fire like I use to poor cognitive function im in bed by 9 mentally tired I have been diagnosed with depression and low t im 5ft 8 and 195 lbs I would appreciate your recomandations thanks dave


    1. Hey Dave. Thanks man.
      Have you tested estradiol, prolactin, LH, and cortisol perhaps?
      Estrogen is one of the major culprits for shutting down steroidogenesis so I’d focus on lowering that with a aromatase inhibitor. Below 20pg/ml would be best.
      Prolactin and cortisol is involved in brain fog and depression so I’d focus on lowering them.
      If your LH is low, I’d suspect that your pregnenolone and DHEA is also low. You can supplement those and they’ll help a great deal against depression, brain fog, tiredness, low androgen symptoms, etc.
      My person favorite stack for increasing androgens are:
      2g aspirin daily (split in two doses)
      400IU vitamin E
      5mg vitamin K2
      2g taurine
      5g glycine
      50mg pregnenolone
      5mg DHEA

      Hope this helps, Let me know if you need any further advise.


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