Coaching – Get results

Hi there,

What is your fantasy?

Do you want to:

  • get ripped?
    • Maintain a great looking six pack year round!
  • build muscle and strength?
    • Create nice developed muscles that are good to look at. But it’s not just the big muscles that you’ll create, it’s the type of physique that’s admired by all.
  • become more functional and energetic?
    • Being agile, light on your feet and explosive.
  • feel like a boss?
    • Everyone notices you when you enter the room. Talk to whoever you want and they respect your presence.
  • optimize androgen and metabolism?


Shoot me an email and we can get started right away. My approach is to implement what works best for you to help you achieve your goals the fastest and safest way possible and personalize it to your specific needs.

Some “coaches” get so lost in searching for or using “secret” methods, that they actually lose sight of what really works. My approach is to use techniques and tools that have been proven to work and is guaranteed to provide results. 


How my coaching works

If you have any questions about androgens, body recomposition or health, be sure to fill in the form below with your name and request and I’ll be sure to get back to you asap. The first email is always free but for further person-specific help (for e.g. diet, supplementation, lifestyle changes, etc.) I offer my monthly service of $150.

We’ll be in contact via email. You give me all the details of your request and then I’ll design an actionable course of action (diet, exercise, supplements, lifestyle, etc.) that will work for you specifically. We then fine-tune the program for you, which takes about 3 days to work out all the kinks. After that, we’ll be in contact on a weekly basis where you check in and give me updates on your progress and then we can make adjustments if and where needed or if needed at all.

Summary of how it works:

  • Day 1: You contact me with your request
  • Day 2-5: Design and work out an actionable course of action for you to implement from there on forwards.
  • Day 7, 14, 21, 28: Weekly check-ins to ensure continual progress and make any adjustments if necessary.


Results you can expect:

  • Around 4lbs or more of fat loss per month if fat loss is your goal.
    • Although this might be slower than other people’s protocols, it’s the most sustainable and after the fat loss period you’ll be healthier, have more energy and the fat will stay off. No rebound.
  • ∼2lbs of lean muscle gains every month.
    • No excuses on this one. We’ll be going all out. Push the genetic boundaries of muscle growth.
  • Adding pounds to your lifts on a weekly basis.
    • Some add 100 pounds in 12 weeks on my programs. Any training program can get you results, but doing the right one will maximize them.
  • Achieving aesthetic symmetry.
    • Too many programs neglect symmetry. My training program neglect nothing.
  • Becoming functional and minimizing injury.
    • Training is fun, but getting an injury is not. My programs strengthen all aspects of your body to keep you in the game.
  • Increasing energy, androgens, mental capacity, and general well-being.


Please keep in mind that I specialize in helping men only. So if you are female then you can go to my wife’s website for more applicable information.