Meal Plan Program

Are you in dire need for a one of a kind meal plan that can give you the best results possible?

Meal plan for what?

  • To optimize your health
  • To lose weight
  • To build extra muscle


So let me tell you a bit more about this program.

Imagine a program
  • that will never go out of date
  • that you can create unlimited different meal plans for each day
  • that can improve your health just by following the meal plans you design
  • that knows how much you should eat whether you want to lose weight or build lean muscle mass
  • that will eliminate the need for a personal dietitian

Not sure how to improve your health and appearance?

– This program will enable you to do so.

Not sure how much carbs, protein or fats you should be eating

– This program knows.

Not sure how much of something you should or could eat?

– This program will show you.

Not sure if it’s healthy or not?

– This program contains ONLY healthy foods.

Not sure how much to eat if you want to lose weight or build muscle?

– This program will let you know.

Don’t want to eat the same foods everyday?

– This program provides a variety of hundreds of foods which will enable you to choose different foods for everyday.

Don’t know what’s considered to be healthy?

– This program provides only the best and healthiest food sources to choose from.

Guessing work required?

 – None

Knowledge about foods and health required?

 – None

Simplicity of program

 – 10/10 simplistic

More about this program

This following program is designed to meet your personal needs in optimizing your health. It’s very person specific and is made for you to create your very own personalized, healthy meal plan, whether you want to lose weight or build lean muscle while optimizing your health and appearance.


  • This program is designed to meet your needs according to your given detailspuzzled
  • It gives you your recommended calories for the day whether you want to lose weight or build muscle
  • You are able to choose from only healthy foods and will have a recommended amount of macro-nutrients to work by

Each food serving is distinguished by ‘grams‘ as well as a certain size of the food (for e.g. 1 serving banana is ‘118 grams’ and is equivalent to ‘1 medium peeled banana’).


It is suitable for all ages.

It enables you to design your very own meal plan, and by filling in your details (activity level for the day etc.) it calculates the calories for you which you are to eat for that day.

You get to choose from hundreds of different healthy food varieties (only the best and healthiest carb, protein and fat sources), so each day’s meal plan doesn’t have to be the same. So don’t worry if you don’t want to eat the same foods everyday. This program will ensure a variety for your everyday liking.

This program will ensure that you eat a well balanced amount of macro-nutrients and will give you a recommended amount of macro-nutrients to follow for optimal results.

This program is very specific and the meal plans are very person specific. So if you follow the program, the meal plan will be according to your personal needs only, making it very personalized.


This program consists of only natural healthy foods. 

This program includes:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • fats (healthy oils)
  • meat (white & red)
  • nuts
  • healthy dairy products
  • spreads (e.g. raw honey, organic butter & peanut butter)
  • hormone friendly foods only

This program does not include:

  • sugars
  • cereals (brans & such)
  • breads
  • pastas
  • rice
  • canned foods
  • beans (as it can be more harmful than beneficial)
  • drinks etc…

If you’re looking to improve your health, it will surely improve a great deal just by following the meal plans from this program.


  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar
  • cholesterol
  • mental and physical energy
  • cravings
  • body weight
  • physical appearance

just by following these simple meal plans.

This is a program that you’ll be able to use for as long as you want.

This program requires you to have Microsoft excel 2013 version, but if you have an older version, just go to and download a compatibility pack, which will enable you to open the newer version in your older version, without having to upgrade.

Lean Bulk



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Lean Down



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Examples of how this program looks like:

The first page on this program provides you with instructions on how to use this program effectively.

Page 1. Is where you enter in your details – weight, height, activity level for the day etc.



Page 2. Consists of only healthy carb choices divided into high moderate and low GI foods. And at the right hand side are choices of high fats containing carbs.



Page 3. Contains a big variety of meats both red and white, with high fats without carbs on the right hand side.




Page 4. Is where you get to see the outcome of the foods you chose. The program will let you know whether your macro-nutrients are where they should be, and if they aren’t you will be able to re-choose or re-portion your selections for a better result.



Page 5. Will list all the foods you have chosen for the day, which will enable you to print your food list.




We do not take any responsibility:

  • if desired results are not obtained by following this program
  • if any other foods or additives which are not part of the meal plan are added (as this may hinder your results)
  • if you eat foods you are allergic to (as there are many varieties to choose from and to avoid those you are allergic to) 
  • if the program is tried to be manipulated and seize to work