Meal plans

I believe obtaining the best physique is 80% nutrition. A proper meal plan and supplementation may help you achieve your goals very fast.

Supplementation could help your body with that extra boost, to feel and perform optimal in the gym and in every day life, to get that extra results you want so bad.

By not eating and supplementing correctly, is like driving a car without all it’s bolts tightened correctly, while having a few screws missing and running on sub-optimal fuel.

Supplementation has been used for hundreds and thousands of years ago, because it work, and it may help you achieve your goals faster


My meal plans are focused on and may:

  • improve health, hormones and well-being
  • eliminate deficiencies
  • help you achieve your desired bodyweight while staying lean
  • provide examples of specific macro-nutrient ratios ideal for your nutritional type to provide maximal recovery, growth and health.
  • provide all the micro-nutrients
  • optimize androgens
  • improve hypertrophy and strength gains
  • optimize satiety



$55 for a meal plan and supplementation recommendations.


Waiting to hear from you.