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Amazing results can be obtained from following a personalized meal plan according to your metabolic type. Eating according to your metabolic type is like throwing in perfect fuel specifically designed for your car’s unique engine. Meaning, you will get the best possible results by following a meal plan designed that way for you. Read more up on these meal plans

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Training programs

There are secrets to a proper training program. One size fit all programs doesn’t fit all. Your fitness guru might know what works best for him, but that doesn’t mean his program will work best for you. You need a personalized training program for your specific needs and goals. Skip the struggle and frustration and just start doing the right thing. Read more up on these training programs

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The content of this blog is written by me, Salmon Ambachtsheer and are only my opinion on what I research (from very trustworthy resources) and test out myself. What I say here is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any problems, as I am not qualified according to dietitian standards and trend. Hence I may not give medical or health advise, but only make recommendations to what may assist you in achieving your goals health and physique wise.