A bit about my programs:

Both my Shredding and Lean Bulking programs are two foundational programs that will teach and empower you to build and maintain your dream physique.

A lot of people and even “professionals” believe in Bulking up in the Fall and Winter time, and then getting ripped in the Spring for the Summer time when you want to have that beach-ready body. I on the other hand believe in having your body in top shape all year ’round.

And who wouldn’t want to have their body in great shape all the time, so whenever someone asks to see your physique, or you want to take off your shirt to go swimming, you don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed and have to make excuses for being in your “bulk phase”.

A lot of “professionals” out there will tell you that without steroids it’s not possible to look great all year ’round, and that you can’t gradually put on enough muscle if you don’t follow this “ancient method” of bulking, ripping, bulking, ripping… and I agree, to a degree… I believe in the method of bulking and ripping, but I also believe that you can do it in such a way that you don’t have to look like a chub hub in the Wintertime and Mr. Amazing only in the Summertime.

And what if I told you that ripping, to me, doesn’t mean no muscle mass gains?

Yes, indeed, you can add muscle to your physique even when ripping.
And this is exactly what I teach you to achieve with my programs…

No more 20-30% bodyfat until Summertime. With my programs you can learn how to gradually keep on adding lean mass to your body even while ripping.


When choosing one of my programs:

My first question to you is what is your goal?

If you haven’t been able to reach that leanness that you would like to reach, but you also want to bulk because you really want to get some muscle mass on, then my advice would be to start with my shredding program first.

And the reason I would advise you to start with the shredding program first, is because reaching that leanness is very important when wanting to lean bulk from there on.
And if you haven’t gotten very lean yet, then chances are it’s going to be more difficult for you to lean bulk.

So getting ripped first with my shredding program would definitely help you to reach the leanness that you would like to achieve. It’s then also going to be much easier to lean bulk from there on. And as a bonus, you’ll still put on some good quality lean mass while doing my shredding program.

Once you’ve then achieved your lean goal, you can start with my bulking program which is going to help you to maintain a lean body while adding muscle mass.