Unfortunately I don’t yet sell my own Natural Supremacy supplemental products. However, even though we (my wife and I) don’t yet sell our own supplements, we still provide top quality supplement suggestions to our clients as well as through our blog content.

We do not promote a certain company or link supplements based on affiliations with them, but we give these links because we are certain of their quality, and effectiveness for certain objectives. We only recommend supplements which have been proven to work (through scientific evidence), have personally used ourselves and/or are aware of how well it works/has worked for many other people.

Before recommending any supplement/product we also personally examine it and make sure that it is of top quality and effectiveness.

We only make recommendations that we find to be of great quality, which will provide the best effectiveness for the objective, as well as not be ridiculously overpriced.

We also do a decent amount of research on the specific supplement/product/substance, and make sure to only recommend safe and natural substances, to both our clients and readers.

Our recommendations are:

  • 100% Natural based

  • Safe to use 

  • Of top quality

  • Well researched & have shown to be promising

  • Effective

  • The best buy for your buck, and have a good amount of great reviews

  • Available with world-wide shipping

Special Note:

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My recommendations are strictly just that and I take no responsibility for any misuse, allergies, shipping problems, personal complaints etc. I make recommendations strictly based on studies and what scientific and practical evidence have proven to work.

If you are a client however, my recommendations are much more individualized to your specific needs and requirements. I can then also give advice to increase or decrease the dosage, depending on your body’s response and sensitivity levels.