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Knowing which program to buy:

If you’re interested in buying one of my eBooks + Program courses, but aren’t 100% sure which one is currently the right one for you, feel free to go to contact me and send me a message so that I can help you decide which eBook & Program Course will best suit your current needs and goals.


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Buy The Supreme Lean Bulk Program Course on its own
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Whether you buy the Complete Package or the Training Program Course on its own you get to choose between a 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 day a week training program (for beginner/intermediate or advanced).


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The Supreme Lean Bulking eBook is created to serve all three categories of weightlifters – beginners, intermediates and advanced.

Beginner – would mean that you don’t have much to any training experience at all and that you will need a more explanatory program to help you advance in training experience.

Intermediate – would mean that you do have a few weeks, maybe even a few months of training experience, however, you feel you still have a lot to learn and are far from the goal that you have in mind.

Advanced – would mean that you have a few years of training experience and have already tried different ways of training. However, you might feel that you get too easily stuck/hit a plateau and that you really need a game changer or a jump start to get you back into the river of results.

Whichever phase you may be in your career of training, this program will give you the best Bang for your buck and will give you the best advancement in the shortest time possible.



This program gives a solution to these problems

There is a lack of integration between health and body recomposition. Health, metabolism, energy production, gut, thyroid function, androgen production etc., are all intertwined with building the ultimate physique.

This program is packed with the latest research on training, diet, supplements, and health that explains how to overcome health problems and how to go about restoring optimal health. This eBook will allow you to take back control of your health by equipping you with the necessary tools.

All the content inside is easy to understand and apply in your personal life and will fit any lifestyle.

What’s inside the program


  • The eBook contains 26 detailed chapters filled with thoroughly researched information about health, dieting, training methodologies, supplements and much more.
  • A 2 phase training program designed to maximize muscle growth and strength gains, while minimizing the chance of injury and overtraining.
  • 5 training program options, from weightlifting only twice per week all the way to 6 days per week, depending on your goals and schedule.
  • Bonus 1 with complete package: 6 example meal plans with only the best foods that will help you build muscle fast while staying lean
  • Bonus 2 with complete package: (optional) Email support for the first three months to help you succeed. You can ask me any questions concerning your training, diet, hormones, health, supplementation etc. and I’ll be happy to help.


What’s so unique about this program?

This is a training program that will teach you the why behind the what, and the secrets behind the success. All in a nutshell, it is a foundational program that will teach and empower you to build your dream physique.

It’s not only focused on getting you big, but it also focuses on other very important aspects such as:

  • Getting to know your body and how to train in unison with it accordingly
  • Building in symmetry
  • Improving/bringing out lagging muscles
  • Hitting the muscles from multiple aspects to stimulate the whole muscle maximally
  • Being able to choose from different exercises to do what works best for you
  • Developing that hard, boulder muscle look
  • Building strength and functionality
  • Get that mental edge


How does the program work?

This program is not time-limited, which means you will be able to use this program as long as you like or until you have reached your desired goal. And then you can still maintain it from thereon.

This is not only a training program, but it also comes with important guidelines and a diet and training eBook manual which will help you to follow through correctly and will set you up for success.

This program is designed for you to build muscle mass (while gaining little to no body fat in the process), define your muscles and build in symmetry while making strength gains in the gym.

This program also contains a variety of optional exercises which you will be able to choose from. Say you have an injury or a specific exercise isn’t comfortable for you to do, then you will still have alternative exercises that you can do. These alternative exercises will still hit the muscle/s at the desired area, but in a different way that might be more comfortable for you.




Lean Bulk

Before starting with my Lean Bulk Program I decided to go into an intense calorie deficit for about 3 months straight without training. I did this in order to lose a lot of muscle so that I could see how well my program would work (even for someone like a beginner or intermediate) to put on muscle while staying lean.


As a special side bonus, when you purchase the Supreme Lean Bulk Program, I will give you steeply discounts when I have made updates to the eBook/Program so that you can always have the most updated version of this eBook & Program.


Can I Pay With Credit Card?

We only sell the Supreme Shredding Program through Gumroad at the moment. They support Discover, Visa (including Visa Electron), Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro, Diner’s Club and PayPal. Be sure to read up on the security of transactions through Gumroad here.

I Can’t Find My Downloads

Once you pay, you will receive an email with the receipt, and on that same email, you will have an option to “view product” which will allow you to download the product.
The downloaded PDFs will be sent to the “downloads” folder on your computer. I advise to move the PDF to another folder where it’s easily accessible and won’t accidentally be deleted.