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What Does The Supreme Shredding Program Entail?



The Supreme Shredding Program is designed for you to shed fat quickly and effortlessly while gaining muscle and strength at the same time.

There is no set time period for how long you need to do this program because it all depends on the amount of muscle and fat of each individual. Which means you can continue with the program if you aren’t yet satisfied with your results. Nonetheless, this program is designed to give you the best results in the best way possible.

Each workout will give you

  • something to look forward to
  • optimal reps, sets, rest, frequency and periodization for maximal stimulus and optimal hypertrophy and strength gains
  • optional exercises to do if one exercise is uncomfortable for you

While preventing

  • the body from draining of energy
  • negative stress reactions from occurring
  • injury and pain (when done correctly as advised)



This is a 150+ page training and diet manual which contains condensed information, with a bonus training program that is created to provide you with all the latest and proven information which works. I will also enable you to get in tune with your body in order to build and maintain the physique that you’ve always wanted.

You get to choose the perfect training program that fits your lifestyle and goals best.

It will teach you the why and how behind the what, and the secrets behind the success when it comes to shredding fat and building muscle.

No confusion, only proven strategies to success.

Save the time and money of searching for the truth, and get all the answers right away with this program.

It also focuses on other very important aspects such as:

  • Sculpting your muscles in symmetry and with detail
  • Improving/bringing out lagging muscles
  • Hitting the muscles from all aspects to stimulate the whole muscle maximally
  • Finding the right foods and eating style for you
  • Building strength and functionality
  • How to be healthy





Have you ever felt like you could reach your physique goals if only you could get your hands on trustworthy information that has been proven to work?

Then this program is specially for you.

I have combined my knowledge and experience of years of independent research, self-experimentation and working with clients, to put together this program for you.
The content inside is based on scientific evidence as well as my own knowledge obtained through self-experience and experimentation.
The content will suit your specific individual needs and goals and assist you on your journey and set you up for success.

I have put the information together in such a way that you can easily find the relevant content, learn and apply it, without having to break your head about anything. It contains essential information that is the most important, must know, has stood the test of time and has and is still being used today by hundreds, if not thousands, of successful bodybuilders worldwide.

This is the type of program manual that I wish someone could have given me a few years back because it would’ve saved me a lot of wasted time and effort trying other programs which only taught me what not to do.


The Supreme Shredding Program distills all of the practical, individualized information from the scientific details, so that only the most applicable and important information is available.

I’ve packed it all together into one, single document.






As a special side bonus, when you purchase the Supreme Lean Bulk Program, I will give you steeply discounts when I have made updates to the eBook/Program so that you can always have the most updated version of this eBook & Program.


Can I Pay With Credit Card?

We only sell the Supreme Shredding Program through Gumroad at the moment. They support Discover, Visa (including Visa Electron), Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro, Diner’s Club and PayPal. Be sure to read up on the security of transactions through Gumroad here.

I Can’t Find My Downloads

Once you pay, you will receive an email with the receipt, and on that same email, you will have an option to “view product” which will allow you to download the product. The downloaded PDFs will be sent to the “downloads” folder on your computer. I advise to move the PDF to another folder where it’s easily accessible and won’t accidentally be deleted.