“Not only your training advise but your health advise has helped me immensely.

I like your style of training and enjoy my training sessions much more now and even feel energized afterwards. It definitely fits my personal needs to keep things exciting.

Through your training I’ve regained my mind to muscle connection, and you’ve taught me how to think for myself in order to be able to be in control of carving my physique the way I want it.

I have done many other well known programs (which won’t be mentioned for protective reasons) but have learned so much more from yours because it’s easy to apply, teaches you to listen to your body and sets you up for success.”


It’s by far the most comprehensive piece I’ve ever seen backed by science.” – Daniel German. (In regards to my Supreme Shredding Manual)

Daniel German

Thanks for the quality of your work. I really appreciate it” – Adrien Lacroix (In regards to my Complete Strength, Size and Skill program)

Adrien Lacroix

Your work with your Ebooks and website have been very helpful to me… so thank you very much.” – Brandon Raffel

Brandon Raffel

I follow your program and I love it!” – Adrien Lacroix (In regards to my Supreme Lean Bulk manual)

Adrien Lacroix

I purchased the Lean Bulk ebook last year. I chose his ebook because I had been a long time reader of Ray Peat and the Ray Peat Forum. I found Hans’s posts insightful and because there is so much information on the Forum, it was nice to have something condensed into an ebook. The meal plans, supplement guide, and workout plan are all very well laid out, well researched and easy to follow. It is nice to have such an organized program to constantly refer back to. I look forward to continuing to read Hans’s work in the future.” – Andrew