The Ultimate Strength, Size and Skill Program: Master your body on all levels

What you will receive

  • 56 page PDF.
  • 4 phase training program that will last you 7 months and can be repeated indefinitely with no stall in gains. Each phase contains only the most trusted and successful training methods that I use personally with great success.
  • Detailed nutritional instructions for each phase.
  • Supplement recommendations to accelerate exercise performance, recovery and muscle growth.
  • Descriptions of how to do the exercises correctly.
  • Instructions on how to progress.

This Program will:
  • Build killer strength – Strength by lifting heavy weights, being explosive and being able to control your own bodyweight.
  • Create the perfect lean symmetrical androgenic looking physique.
  • Create functionality and the ability to do skillful movements with your bodyweight few others can do.

This program is truly one of a kind (and the first of its kind) and you will not find anything like it anywhere else.

My Motivation for Creating the Program

Most people who exercise, including me, want to look good, but there are already so many “good looking” bodybuilders out there. So the question is, do I want to be just another muscular, good looking guy like everyone else?

The answer for me is no.
Because for me, having a great physique is just part of it. I don’t want to just look good with muscles, I also want to feel good and be good… no great, at what I do. And I want to be great at all physical levels and not just one.

What do big muscles mean if you’re not that strong and can’t use them to lift heavy things? Yet, there is also a plethora of bodybuilders who are also strong and can lift heavy like powerlifters, for example, Mike O’Hearn. So combining bodybuilding and powerlifting is one of our goals, but it’s still not good enough on its own, because it still doesn’t make us unique enough.

Ever noticed that even though powerlifters and bodybuilders are strong and can lift heavy weights they can hardly control their own bodyweight?

This is where calisthenics comes in.

Being able not only to lift heavy weights but to also be in absolute control of your own body with calisthenic movements is the ultimate goal.

So, why not just calisthenics?

Because most people who do calisthenics can’t lift heavy weights in the squat, bench, deadlift, or military press. They are very strong with their body but can’t lift heavy when it comes to weights. Another thing is that most people who do calisthenics have a good physique, but have quite a few lagging muscle groups…

Bodybuilding is the icing on the cake
We utilize weights to refine our physique and make it a complete package.
Weight training is also essential and fundamental to getting stronger with calisthenics.

The Complete Program

This program is a combination of:

bodybuilding + powerlifting + calisthenics 

to master all aspects of your physique and strength – by not becoming good in just one aspect, but great in all.

This is the birth of:

The Ultimate Strength, Size and Skill Program: master your body on all levels.

This program is about using weights and calisthenics to build a physique that not only looks great but will enable you to lift heavy things while being skilled and powerful to control your own bodyweight. This program also focuses on strengthening all weak areas, stretching tight muscles so that you can be strong all ’round, lacking nothing and making you injury resistant.


Here comes the fun. It’s good to have a vision with set goals. For instance, say I want to do a handstand for 1 minute or do a 140kg squat, etc., but if I don’t set a certain time frame in which I want to achieve these goals, chances are I’m going to postpone training it and I might achieve it in a few years, instead of a few months.

Once you set your goals for yourself and have the mindset that you ARE GOING to achieve it in this time, chances are you are going to tunnel vision in on your goals and train it religiously in order to achieve it.

Don’t think – I want to do a handstand – rather think – I am going to do a handstand.
Get in the right mindset and it will set you up for success.

Setting goals gets me very excited and makes my hands a little sweaty because I set my goals high.

Here are the goals of this 6-month program:

  • Squat – 140kg+ (315lbs) (3 plates per side)
  • Bench – 100kg+ (225lbs) (2 plates per side)
  • Deadlift – 180kg+ (405lbs) (4 plates per side)
  • Handstand pushups (without support)
  • Front lever (hold the front lever for 15 seconds)
  • Planche (hold the planche for 15 seconds)
  • Muscle-ups (be able to do a few muscle ups)
  • L-sit / V-sit (perform the L-sit for 15 sec)
  • One arm pushups (be able to do 10 one arm push-ups with perfect form)
  • Pistol squats (be able to do 10 pistol squats with perfect form)

Those goals might seem overwhelming, insane and maybe even impossible, but when you break them down into smaller part, you’ll see it’s not even that hard and very doable.

For instance, let’s say you can currently squat 60kg (135lbs). The goal is 140kg (315lbs) after 6 months. To get there you have to increase your 1RM by 3.33kg per week. That’s less than 1.75kg per side extra each week. Very doable. You might even be able to squat more that 140kg after these 6 months if you follow this program religiously.

Same goes for bench pess. If you can already bench 60kg and the goal is 100kg, you only have to increase your 1RM by 1.66kg per week. If you ask me, that is too easy.

For deadlift, if you can already lift 60kg (which most beginners can do that have never lifted before), you only have to increase your 1RM by 5kg each week. Most beginners add 5kg per side per week, so adding 5kg total is almost a joke, but that’s all that’s required to reach your goal.

Visualization & Believe

I want you to see yourself doing those movements. See how you’re holding the movement, lifting the weight, etc. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now let’s get started on achieving it!

It’s very important to not start doubting yourself during the course of this program… that’s not allowed. Don’t listen to other people who might say it’s impossible and can’t be done. You can’t let other people determine what you can accomplish in life. Years ago the 4-minute mile was impossible, but once someone set the record, suddenly many others were able to do it too and even break it. Similarly, don’t let others tell you it can’t be done… follow the intense burning of passion and will power to succeed that is inside you. Surprise the world and show them that it can indeed be done. Be known as the man who accomplished all these amazing things in just 3 months.

You have to believe in yourself and stay true to your commitment. Follow the meal plan and training program to the letter and you’ll reap the benefits.

Like one of my favorite quotes says…

“You can be successful even when others don’t believe in you, but you can’t be successful if you don’t believe in yourself.”

I’ll be doing this program with you the whole time and if you have any questions or need any advise please feel free to leave a comment on my facebook page and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Asking on facebook can also help anyone else who might have the same question.

I’ll also be releasing short demonstrative videos as well as tips on Instagram regularly to help you do the movements correctly and focus on proper form.

As a FREE Bonus (if you buy the program), I’ll help you with your diet as well as tweak the program for you specifically if needed.

This program is a teamwork effort and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Bonus Preparatory program

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What people say about the program:

“Really I appreciated the program, it allows a nice training volume without pushing too hard, it is rather easy for me to recover It is varied enough to avoid fatigue and is based on solid and effective exercises to progress with optimal effect.” – Adrien Lacroix